Scandals Dominate Sports World


The Sports Hangover was created in December 2011. We started with no podcast experience but we knew we wanted to entertain. So we created a segment titled "Scandal City."  Little did we know how scandalous sports really are.

Sifting past the Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian trash, you discover scandals really do dominate the sports world.

The Summer Olympics in London are just another example.  A 16 year-old Chinese swimmer has been widely accused of doping after winning a gold medal by posting a time better than even the men's faster competitor. This, despite passing her drug test. Meanwhile eight badminton players have been disqualified from Olympic competition after losing qualifying matches on purpose to gain more appealing late-round matchups.

But scandals rock the American sports landscape too. In the NFL, concussions and bounty scandals have been the biggest offseason story lines. Steroids have been a black eye on baseball for the last decade. In the NBA, superstars (LeBron, Dwight) make more news off the court then on it.

College athletics are home to many of sports most scandal ridden stories. From Penn State to recruiting violations, you don't have to look hard to find a scandal. Even golf's biggest name is still looking for his first major since a major sex scandal and even larger fall from grace.

It all begs the question: When did sports get so scandalous?

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