Twitter Meltdowns Draw Attention to Medium's Immediacy


Twitter is providing a direct link to athletes, celebrities and broadcasters that we've never seen.  At one point in history, fan mail was a real thing.  These days, re-tweets are all the rage.

It's clear twitter has opened the opportunity to interact with famous people.  But maybe the bigger cause for concern is celebrities interacting back.

Just recently NBA star Amare Stoudemire tweeted a gay slur before apologizing and being fined.

Former SportsCenter anchor and co-host of ESPN First Take, Dana Jacobson had an unsuccessful night in a New York City bar and let the world know about it...and her thoughts on male's confidence in a bar setting. On twitter.

In tweets @TSHpodcast, Jacobson told us her tweets were "meaningless." While true, it still does showcase twitter's immediacy.  And we can agree with Dana Jacobson on her final point: "Twitter can be important or a time killer."