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Two weeks into the MLB season and we already have some serious drama brewing between players and managers. The managers are saying things, with better judgement, should'nt be saying. Some star players are struggling mightily to start the year. Lets take a look at a couple of hot head managers running thier flap traps.

Ozzie Guillen, Miami Marlins - This guy just doesn't know when to stop and the media, myself included, eats his words up like Mikey and a bowl of Life cereal. He was recently quoted as saying he supported the Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro, saying "I love Fidel Castro." Afterwards, Guillen was supsended for five games. This seems crazy to me, who cares who he loves - for all we know he might just love their cigars and managing in Miami just brings him that much closer to them. Sure the United States has an embargo on Cuba, who cares. Why does baseball need to involve itself in politics? First steroids, now Cuba - stick to baseball matters Selig. 

Bobby Valentine, Boston Red Sox - A few days ago, Valentine called out one of the Red Sox best players in Kevin Youkilis. Valentine questioned the heart of Youkilis, a player known for his strong work ethic and firey devotion for his team. Today, after apologizing, he seemed to attack Youkilis again for benching him on Marathon Monday (won by a Kenyan, who else would anyways?) Dustin Pedroia came to Youk's defense by basically saying Valentine's comments were out of line in the Boston clubhouse. Bobby, let me ask, what the hell are you thinking?! Before the season started, you criticized Boston's second best pitcher in Josh Beckett, now you have two of the best position players pissed at you. Figure it out Bobby, or you're going to lose the team.

A couple stars fading.

Heath Bell, Miami Marlins - Yikes bud. 2 blown saves in his first couple of chances. Sorry for the heat, Miami, (such a pun) but the perenial 40 save closer is off to a rough start. For Miami fans, you better hope that Petco Park, a famously favorable pitchers park, wasn't what made Heath Bell's career, or you will be in for a long season.

Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants - The Freak seems to have lost a little freakiness on his fast ball. In a recent report, his fastball has dipped a few mph and Lincecum has struggled. One has to wonder if the signing of Matt Cain, not a cy young winner, with one of the biggest pitching contracts in history, is getting in Lincecum's head, who signed only a 2 year contract this off season. Also, to compound that, young lefty Madison Bumgarner signed a 5 year contract. If Lincecum is fretting about not getting paid, watch out San Fran.

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