Is Kobe's Head Getting Bigger?! No, It's Alright Everyone, Just His Ego.

 In a recent postgame press conference, Kobe Bryant, Sprite's homie, said he is unrivaled at his position for his generation.  He cited guys like AI, T-Mac and Vince Carter with the insinuation that because they didn't have championships, they could'nt measure up to him. He said the only players that would challenge him, "retired a long time ago." 

You hear that Magic? Kobe thinks he's just as good as you and MJ. Although there is no doubt in my mind that Kobe is a sure fire HOF because of a career with multiple championships, a few Olympic Golds dangling from his trophy case and one nasty fade away jumper, he is still an ass. Which leads me to yet another list:

5 Big Egos in Sports

5. Rickey Henderson

"He's a freak...He's the fastest kid alive." Rickey certainly was anyway in the prime of his career. Many think Rickey is extremely selfish because of his "greatest of all-time" speach after he broke Lou Brock's steals record back in Steve Erckle's 1991. And he sure was full of himself, probably why he made 5 on this list.

4. Chad Ocho Whatever You Call Yourself Today Cinco

Chad probably has the TD dance reel of all-time (move over Deion Sanders.) From Hall of Fame jackets, golf puts and pleading to the NFL to not fine him, he's definitely creative. How can you hate him (other than Pats fans this season for his brutally poor performance) for his ego, its entertainment at its finest. 

3. Bobe Kryant

Nothing made me happier to hear Kobe bitch and whine on the bench, the court and post game press conferences during the 2008 finals run against the Celtics. Nice mask bro. Kobe please check your ego in at the door, your annoying the customers. If you keep it up, your head won't be able to fit inside the Paperclips Center.  

2. Terrell Owens

I probably could've made this whole list with wide receivers sorry to those that didn't make the cut (Randy Moss, Desean Jackson, Michael Irvin.) TO ran for governor of CA. "That's all I have to say, about that."

1. Floyd Mayweather

“To be honest with you, I normally beat guys with my C-game and I don’t have to pull my A or B game out.” I feel that quote speaks for itself. Floyd, stop getting into trouble, I want to see Pacquiao punch a hole through your face. 

Honorable Mentions: A-Rod, Reggie Jackson, Shaq, Jay Cutler, Sean Avery.

Tebow sucks, I'm out.

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