Opening Day Baseball. In Japan?

Dear Bud Selig,

Over the past few seasons, you have opened the MLB season (America's pasttime) in Japan. Now I totally get that you're trying to expand the market overseas (cool idea, Hansel), but I can't understand why you would do it overseas. Why not have a series or two during the season, where teams go over and play (sort of like interleague play.) 

Highlights from the day:

Japanese homeboy Ichiro goes 4 for 5. Nice job Ichiro, glad to see a guy still thriving in his late 30s. 

Dustin "Jackley" Ackley goes deep. First game of the season and the dude goes yard and gets the game winning run across the plate. The former 2nd pick in the draft (behind Steven Strasburg) just earned himself the nickname Jackley. Keep jackin' em outta' the yahd kid.

Signing Off.


Quinn SmithComment