The Staples Center (Shhh! Don't say anything)

So last night, I went to the Kings/Sharks game over at the Staples Center. Now before I say anything about the venue, I have to preface the fact that all of my experience has been in stadiums and ballparks in Massachusetts. In front of a packed house, with their team winning, the Staples Center had to be the quietest place I have ever been to for a sporting event. The only time the crowd cheered was for a goal, or when the teleprompter told them to. When the Kings went on to win 5-2, there was only a slight eruption of applause, while people cheered louder for the drunk fan on the big screen that wiggle, wiggle, wiggled his chunky, jello body to I'm Sexy and I Know It. 

Now I know LA isn't exactly a hockey town, but come on. The Sharks are a damn good team and the Kings are in the playoff hunt, I would've expected a little more energy in the place considering it was a sell out crowd. In Boston, if the Bruins are winning in the third, people are screaming at the top of their lungs and cheering, not only for every goal, but every hit, fight, nice pass, close shot and especially when the B's are on D. The Staples Center is getting my award for Quietest Stadium Ever.

Quinn SmithComment