Top 10 stories of this NFL season

By @JeremyGarrison

10) Harbaugh's make something out of nothing
Jim Harbaugh improved the 49ers by 7 wins in his first season as a head coach while John Harbaugh brought the aging Ravens defense with a below-average QB to within a field goal of the Patriots in the AFC title game.

9) Get Gronk'd!
Rob Gronkowski shattered tight end records as he rose to become a fan favorite of Boston sports fans. Gronk is now taking heat for his poor shirtless dancing after the Patriots Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

8) The Kids Can Play
From Cam Newton and Andy Dalton to AJ Green and Von Miller, rookie's have never meant more to their teams.

7) "Dream Team" sleeps through season & Jets fly to new lows
Philadelphia's self-titled "Dream Team" drastically underperformed before ending strong to reach 8 wins.
The Jets meanwhile, couldn't back up their constant smack talk as Mark Sanchez struggled and star receiver Santonio Holmes quit on his teammates.

6) Lions Roar
For the first time since Barry Sanders was breaking ankles in the Silverdome, Detroit mattered. With superstars Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Ndamukong Suh, the Lions made the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

5) Drew Breeeees
The addition of Darren Sproles made the Saints even more dynamic on offense. Drew Brees threw for the most single season yards in history but turnovers doomed New Orleans in the playoffs.

4) Packers Go 13-0, end up with nothing
At one point this season, Bill Cowher called the Packers "The greatest team in football history" before an upset to the Chiefs. The Pack lost their way, lost to the eventual Super Bowl champs in the playoffs then lost their offensive coordinator to the Dolphins.

3) Eli's Ascension
The Giants may have won the Super Bowl, but Eli Manning is the story here.  2 Super Bowls means greatness to many and the topic of Eli's eliteness is the hottest of all topics in New York.

2) Peyton's Descension
As Eli won over Giants fans, Peyton has reached the point of no return in Indianapolis. Even stranger than Manning missing the entire season due to injury is the public back and forth between he and Colts owner Jim Irsay.  The Colts have already blown up the coaching staff & front office. The franchise QB is not expected to return.

1) Tebow Time
Every year at the annual NFL gathering that is Super Bowl Week, certain football players command extra attention. Perhaps nobody in history generated as much buzz throughout a season or in Indy during S.B. week then Tim Tebow.  After leading his team to a playoff victory over the Steelers, Tebow proved he is just as for real on the field as he is off of it.  In the social media world we now live in, stories like his do not go away.