Lakers vs Clippers in latest Hollywood thriller

What's more remarkable, that Christmas is less than four days away or that the NBA regular season tips off in four days?

After all of the bickering and selfishness, both sides came together in just enough time to avoid the black eye that would have been Christmas without basketball.  Now we get the Dream Team vs Defending Champs and reigning MVP Derrick Rose vs the Lakers.  We'll also get the Dwight Howard traveling sideshow making a stop in Oklahoma City to visit the league's most dynamic star outside of Miami, Kevin Durant. And then at 10:30pm eastern, we get the newest, most exciting team in the NBA - the Los Angeles Clippers.

Many of the above story lines have NBA fans buzzing this holiday season. But none captures the unbelievable story of the Lakers Staples Center roommate, the Clippers.  With the league's most creative point guard in Chris Paul, the league's most dynamic dunker in Blake Griffin and 6'11 center DeAndre Jordan, the previously irrelevant Clippers are all of a sudden...interesting.

Sure to lead the league in ally-oops and SportsCenter top plays, the big question is whether the Clippers will win enough games. While the Clips should have at least two years of fun from Paul, Griffin and co., the Lakers may be close to irrelevant in two years. Kobe Bryant is the fading star not happy with his team's direction. Pau Gasol is deteriorating quickly. Metta World Peace has overstayed his welcome.  The ZenMaster (Phil Jackson) got out when the going was good.  Might Kobe push to be traded next?

With a roster much younger and more athletic, the Clippers are to sure to lead the Staples Center in entertainment, and wins for years to come.