NFL Doing Fans No Favors

In the same week the NFL announced a new television deal to earn $3 billion annually through 2022, the primetime matchups were Rams-Seahawks, Jaguars-Falcons and Cowboys-Bucs.  Of those six featured teams, half have four or less wins this season.  In the words of Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live, "Really NFL? Really?"

Networks are getting paid more than ever but the primetime matchups are worse than ever. The NFL is one of our country's most successful cash cows.  Why isn't it being maximized? Flex scheduling is used only on games played on Sundays but that isn't enough anymore. With games on Thursday, Saturday and Monday nights,the NFL needs to open up to the idea of flex scheduling for ALL NFL match ups.

And if Roger Goodell really wants to play Santa this holiday season, he'll make sure to direct some of the league's new revenue to make sure the league-owned NFL Network is available on ALL basic cable packages. Because lets face it football fans, the only thing worse than watching a Rams-Seahawks game is being told that you can't.

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