Michael Benatar is a full time photographer and lover of all sports (except baseball....too slow). 

He founded The Sports Hangover in Dec. 2011 with Co-Host Jeremy Garrison.  Michael's idea of a perfect podcast is a blend of interesting debate and thoughtful guests.

Michael is an all-around sports fan, supporting the Tampa Bay Bucs and Tampa Bay Lightning on the east coast and the San Francisco 49'ers and L.A. Kings on the west coast.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @MichaelBenatar and MichaelBenatar.com

Jeremy Garrison produces tv shows for a national sports network.

Known as J Dawg to many, Jeremy is a lifelong fan of the Braves, Dolphins and Magic. Attending UCF did not influence him to follow college athletics.

Jeremy is easily annoyed by uninformed sports fans and came up with TSH's tag line: Sports is America's most popular reality show. (He really feels that way.)

You can interact with Jeremy on twitter @JeremyGarrison